Posting & Submission Guidelines

As much as we support our Squad and Ambassadors, it takes quite a bit of time and tracking to help this be a successful collaboration- we're happy to do it, but we do ask that you follow our posting guidelines. 

Failure to follow posting guidelines may automatically disqualify a repost or feature post by CF Clothing.

General posting guidelines:

  • Only submissions made through the private FB group or will be considered
  • For stills: 2-3 shots showing the product from different angles
  • For video: No less than 640x480 and 1-3 minutes long
  • Squad members announce joining the Squad via Introduction post
  • Ambassadors are announced by the company across all social media

Introduction posts must include:

  • 2-3 Still shots showing the product from different angles
  • Introduction: Name, talent, how long you’ve been doing your thing, etc
  • Be sure to type the name of the gear and use your discount code 
  • Video submission

Discount Code posting:

  • You may only post your squad discount code
    • Do NOT use the personal discount code which is intended for you to use for your purchases
  • Discount codes are case sensitive so be sure to type your code exactly as we have provided it to you
    • We recommend typing your discount code into a memo and using copy/paste for quick (and accurate) posting

Tags & Hashtags (include for all squad posts)

  • @calisfinest
  • #calisfinestclothing
  • #cfclothingtalentsquad
  • #cfclothingpql